A downloadable game

Welcome in a world of madness and fun!

All you need to do is to survive (If you can)....

Quick tip: If you hold click, your bow will have piercing, not that it would help you much...

SKA`s Patch notes:
- shooting enemys gives 1/4 of the score
- added skins:
   -default skin HS0
   - newbie skin HS1000
   - ice skin HS10000
   - zebra skin HS50000
   - molten skin HS100000
   - gold edition skin HS200000
- next update will be a gameplay revision.

Install instructions

In order to install, follow these steps:

1.Click in download and wait till it downloads.

2.Open the folder, Echo-->Unity.exe

3.Try not to get mad


Echo B1.0.rar 22 MB

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